European Robotics Symposium 2008 - EUROS 2008
EURON II Annual Meeting

Diplomat Hotel Prague * Czech Republic
EUROS 2008

March 26 - 27, 2008 

March 28, 2008



Authors are requested to submit original work on all topics related to the following symposium key areas: COGNITION, AUTONOMY, ADAPTIVITY and ROBUSTNESS in robotics.
  • Vision and Navigation:
    • Data fusion and scene recovery via vision
    • Multidimensional vision for robotics
    • Vision-based navigation
    • Cooperation in navigation, swarm navigation
    • Advanced vision systems
    • New principles in navigation systems
    • Low cost vision and navigation solutions
    • Applications
  • Localization and Mapping
    • Mapping and localization for mobile robots, indoor and outdoor
    • Mapping and localization in large environments
    • Advances in SLAM technology
    • Swarm and cooperative mapping
    • Low cost solutions of SLAM
    • Applications
  • Cooperation, Coordination and Multirobot Systems
    • Principles of cooperation and coordination in multirobot systems
    • Cooperative planning and coordinated behaviors
    • Cognitive robots and architectures
    • Cognition via cooperation
    • Cooperative SLAM
    • Swarm intelligence via cooperation and control principles
    • Software standards for cooperative tasks resolution
    • Cooperative systems benchmarking
    • Applications
  • Human-Robot Interaction
    • Human-robot interaction, principles and advances
    • Knowledge and data sharing in human-robot systems
    • Psychological aspects of human-robot interaction
    • Benchmarking and optimal design of mixed systems
    • Applications
  • Applications
    • Penetration of cognition and autonomy into robot applications
    • Robustness and reliability for real solutions
    • Cognition and autonomy in industry solutions
    • Cognition for telematics
    • Special applications
Peer reviewed and accepted contributions will be requested either for oral or poster presentation.
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