Paper Submission
Paper Submission Form

Paper Submission

The full text of accepted papers will be published in the ICCST 2008 Proceedings available at the Conference. Authors will be responsible for their own travel and related expenses. Authors can pay a reduced "Speaker" registration fee. In order to have your completed paper printed in the 2008 IEEE ICCST Proceedings the registration fee must be paid and the paper submitted by August 8, 2008.

ICCST 2008 papers will be included in IEEE Xplore, which is a digital library providing full text access to the world's highest quality technical literature in electrical engineering, computer science, and electronics. IEEE Xplore contains full text documents from IEEE journals, transactions, magazines, letters, conference proceedings, standards, and IET (Institution of Engineering and Technology) publications.

Authors of accepted ICCST 2008 papers are kindly asked to follow the steps bellow:

  • Download the ICCST 2008 GUIDELINES for style of papers for publishing. Papers must be submitted in both pdf and doc formats. Alternatively, instead of doc format the RTF, WordPerfect or Open Office format can be used. The Proceedings format is a letter size (8 1/2" x 11" or 21,59 cm x 27,94 cm). Paper length, including appendix, should be no more than 8 pages.
  • Download the IEEE COPYRIGHT FORM, which must be also submitted. The signed copyright form by the principal author is to be sent in electronic version (pdf preferred) using the Paper Submission Form or via fax +420 267 310 503 (Action M Agency) by August 8, 2008
  • Before submitting your paper use IEEE PDF eXpress to attain IEEE Xplore-compatible pdf(s). All ICCST 2008 papers submitted for inclusion in IEEE Xplore must adhere to the IEEE Xplore PDF specification for compatibility.

    IEEE PDF Express Instructions:

    Click the icon of IEEE PDF eXpress to proceed to the site to generate a pdf version of your file or check your pdf file for compatibility. Or visit the IEEE PDF eXpress website:

    Conference ID: ICCST08X

    1. Access the IEEE PDF eXpress site
      First-time users: Previous users, but using it the first time for a new conference: Returning users:
      a. Click "New Users - Click Here". a. Enter ICCST08X for the Conference ID, your email address, and enter the password you used for your old account. a. Enter ICCST08X for the Conference ID, email address and password.
      b. Enter ICCST08X for the Conference ID, your email address, and choose a new password. Continue to enter information as prompted. b. When you click "Login", you'll receive an error saying you need to set up an account. Simply click "Continue". By entering your previously used email address and password combination, you will enable your old account for access to this new conference.
      c. You will receive online and email confirmation of successful account setup. c. Check that the contact information is still valid, and click "Submit".
      d. You will receive online and email confirmation of successful account setup.
    2. For each conference paper, click "Create New Title".
    3. Enter identifying text for the paper (title is recommended but not required)
    4. Click "Submit PDF for Checking" or "Submit Source Files for Conversion"
    5. Indicate platform, source file type (if applicable), click Browse and navigate to file, and click "Upload File". You will receive online and email confirmation of successful upload
    6. You will receive an email with your Checked PDF or IEEE PDF eXpress-converted PDF attached. If you submitted a PDF for Checking, the email will show if your file passed or failed.
      Options (choose one) If the PDF submitted fails the PDF check: If you are not satisfied with the IEEE PDF eXpress-converted PDF: If the PDF submitted passed the PDF Check, or you are satisfied with your IEEE PDF eXpress-converted PDF:
      Option 1 Submit your source file for conversion by clicking Try again, then Submit Source Files for Conversion Resubmit your source file with corrections (Try again, then Submit Source Files for Conversion)  
      Option 2 Read the PDF Check report, then click "The PDF Check Report" in the sidebar to get information on possible solutions Submit a PDF by clicking Try again, then Submit PDF for Checking Submit your IEEE Xplore-compatible PDF [per the conference's instructions].
      Option 3 "Request Technical Help" through your account "Request a Manual Conversion" through your account

    IEEE PDF eXpress converts the following file types to PDF:

    Rich Text Format Freelance (La)TeX (DVI and all support files required)* PageMaker FrameMaker QuarkXpress* Word Pro Microsoft Word WordPerfect

    *For documents created in formats that do not embed source files, include all support files with the final manuscript in a folder. Put this folder in a compressed archive for submission. If it is possible to embed images in the source document, you should do so to avoid potential issues, such as missing graphics.

    IMPORTANT: A DVI (DeVice Independent file) is required for LaTeX conversions, in addition to all associated image files. Make sure that your LaTeX system can output a DVI, otherwise it cannot be converted. Be sure also to check that your images are properly referenced, and that DVI can handle the image file types used (DVI does not handle some newer image types, such as *.png).

  • Submit all required via the Paper Submission Form
  • And finally read 10 TIPS FOR A GREAT PRESENTATION
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