Information for exhibitors

The first day of the OK 2014 conference on Thursday 23.10.2014 will be accompanied by an EXHIBITION devoted to:

  1. Transmission systems, network elements and their parts
  2. Optical fibres and cables
  3. Active and passive components
  4. Measuring and diagnostic equipment
  5. Installation technologies and services
  6. Optical fibre sensors
  7. Optical products for biomedicine

Company presentation

Companies can actively represent themselves at the OK 2014 event in the following ways:

  1. By a exhibiting their products and materials on a stand during the first day of the event
  2. By placing their company logo in the conference room
  3. By placing their company logo on the conference website
  4. By distributing their promotion materials to individual participants of the event
  5. By a commercial presentation in the commercial section of the conference.

More detailed information will be sent to interested companies in "Proposal for active company presentation".
Contact: team@action-m.com