ISBIS-2008 International Symposium on Business and Industrial Statistics
with special emphasis on
Quantitative Analytics for Banking, Finance and Insurance

Prague, Czech Republic  *  1 - 4 July 2008
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Keynote Speakers

Professor Vijay Nair is at the University of Michigan. He is D. A. Darling Professor and Chair of the Department of Statistics, and also is also Professor in the Department of Industrial & Operations Engineering. His research interests include: Statistics in Engineering, Network Tomography, Spatial Modeling, Quality and Productivity Improvement, Reliability, Robust Design for Variation Reduction, Process Monitoring and Control. Prior to his appointment at Michigan, Professor Nair spent many years at Bell Laboratories as a member of the Technical Staff. He has consulted extensively with US industry, particularly the auto industry.

Professor William Perraudin is at Imperial College, London, where he is Head of the Accounting, Finance and Macroeconomics Department at Tanaka Business School. His research interests include risk management, structured products, the pricing of defaultable debt, portfolio credit risk modelling and financial regulation. For seven years, Professor Perraudin worked part-time as Special Advisor to the Bank of England and was deeply involved in the financial engineering behind the current Basel II proposals for bank capital. He has consulted with numerous banks and public bodies.

More details about Invited Speakers and topics will be posted soon.
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