17th International Facet Theory Conference
July 19 – 22, 2020
Prague, Czech Republic

Conference Invitation

You are kindly invited to attend the 17th International Facet Theory Conference at K+K Hotel CENTRAL Prague, Czech Republic, July 20–22, 2020 with an optional Conference Workshop given by Prof. Ingwer Borg on Facet Theory, Modern Multidimensional Scaling and Unfolding on July 19, 2020 afternoon.

Initiated by the late Louis E. Guttman, Facet Theory (FT) has been developed as a comprehensive research strategy for the social and behavioral sciences. FT integrates formal design of empirical observations, with intrinsic data analysis procedures, such as the Guttman Scale, Multiple Scaling by Partial-Order Scalogram Analysis, Smallest Space Analysis/Multidimensional Scaling, and Unfolding, for the discovery of lawfulness in complex systems.

For complex behavioral systems, characterized by multitudes of interacting variables, FT offers unique procedures to meet major challenges of the behavioral sciences such as how to sample a balanced set of observational variables from a content universe under study that comprises innumerable variables; and how to infer the structure of the content universe from multivariate but finite empirical data.

Facet theory has been successfully applied in many disciplines such as psychology, education, sociology, political science, criminology, social work, business administration and the life sciences. It has contributed to theory construction in research domains such as marketing, information systems, the study of values, system and team dynamics, network studies, distributive justice and many more. Discoveries in areas of application have, in turn, contributed to FT as a meta-theory for behavioral cumulative science.

First Announcement & Call for Papers

Download First Announcement & Call for Papers (*.PDF)

Aims of the FT Conference

Submission of Abstracts

Abstract proposals should be submitted as

  1. Individual Papers and Poster Presentations
    Abstracts of 250 words related to FT Conference topics are invited. Please Include: paper title; (the word:) Abstract; Authors' names and institutional affiliations; email of corresponding author; all in font Times New Roman. Font size 12 pts., except the paper title (14 pts).

  2. Symposia
    Colleagues interested in organizing a symposium on a specific topic: Please submit a 250 word abstract describing the symposium and one abstract per paper to be presented in this symposium (abstracts are to be submitted collectively by the respective organizer after symposium participants confirmed to her/him their participation).

All proposals, abstracts and papers should be submitted to all three members:

Ingwer Borg: ingwer.borg@gmail.com; Samuel Shye: samuel.shye@mail.huji.ac.il; Esther Solomon: esolomon@fordham.edu

Program committee members look forward to receiving your contributions to the 17th International Facet Theory Conference held in Prague.

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