Payments can be made

  • EUR Account No. 7473400217/0100
  • IBAN: CZ3601000000007473400217
American Dollars:
  • USD Account No. 7498980297/0100
  • IBAN: CZ8901000000007498980297
Czech Crowns:
  • CZK Account No. 221442-101/0100
  • IBAN: CZ0801000000000221442101

All prices are in Czech Crowns and Euros. To have a better idea about the prices in other currencies please have a look at the exchange rates of the Czech National Bank.

A notice for Czech and Slovak participants: Bank transfers within the Czech Republic might require the "variabilni symbol" which is 2209.

The invoice will be issued upon the request addressed to Action M Agency.
Please make sure that the bank transfer is made net of all bank charges and commissions.

Confirmation of your payment will be e-mailed to you and the original will be given to you upon your arrival at the ETFA 2006 registration desk.

Cancellation Policy

The registration fee deducted of CZK 1000 (EUR 35/ USD 40) will be refunded for all written cancellations sent to Action M Agency no later than September 1, 2006. After that date no refund of registration fee will be provided.